Join Team Jam

Help us build Jam and change the way product teams build software.

About Jam

Jam brings Google Docs style collaboration to your live product. Just like in Google Docs, with Jam you can comment on, or even suggest a change to your live product from within your product itself.

Building products should be fun, and a little magical. But today it's still a little anxiety inducing - being invited to a "feedback meeting", getting cc'ed on a "fix this" email, forgetting where you were asked for something, was it in Slack or Jira or in the PR on Github?

That's where Jam comes in. Collaboration in-context and in-the-flow, bringing your power tools like Github and Jira and Slack into your product, turning your live product into your all-encompassing workbench.

About Us

We're builders building for builders, our goal is simple: to help teams ship products faster by bringing the out-of-the-flow communication happening in tools like Jira and Slack into-the-flow.

We are backed by great investors like USV, Version One, BoxGroup and Village Global. And amazing people like Jason Warner (GitHub CTO) and Andrew Miklas (PagerDuty cofounder).

👩‍💻 Senior Full Stack Engineer

You will be part of an elite team of engineers who work up and down the stack. You learn quickly and like to solve hard problems.

💻 What you will do

  • Build customer facing features with love and care
  • Build and support real time collaboration features
  • Make our frontend and API faster for our customers
  • Help our customers ship faster by integrating other apps like Linear and Slack

🚀 Our tech stack

  • React frontend written in TypeScript
  • Websockets to support real time collaboration
  • GraphQL API to fetch user data
  • Fastify, Mongo, Redis, Cloudflare Workers for backend
  • Hosted on Google Cloud
  • Cloudflare for CDN
  • Github, Slack, Notion, Linear

We deeply care about product and design. If you are a software engineer who cares about the small details and would love to jam with us, send us a note at i@jam.dev.